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Spa Gift Basket for Jamaicans

Help that special someone in your life cherish every relaxing moment they can get. This is an especially great spa gift basket for an expectant mom in her final weeks of pregnancy or first months of motherhood.

Start building your kit with a couple of easy-to-find spa basics: a plush white towel and a pair of waffle knit gift basket

 A bar of gently exfoliating soap paired with a soft-bristled shower brush are great for giving a super clean feeling in the bath or shower.
 Body butters feel great and can also be used to prevent and treat stretch marks, so a mango body butter will make a perfect addition if you’re creating a baby shower gift kit. Natural sponges are a great choice since this is something mom can enjoy alone or (eventually) together with baby!
A sore muscle soak purchased from a local organic spa is sure to provide a heavenly escape for any tired new mom or mom-to-be. This item might be substituted with bubble bath or any sort of soothing bath additive.
Tucking all the products in over the towel, your spa basket should really start to come together. Finally, use a simple shipping tag and luxe colored ribbon to finish off the kit.
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