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Spa Gift Basket for Jamaicans

Help that special someone in your life cherish every relaxing moment they can get. This is an especially great spa gift basket for an expectant mom in her final weeks of pregnancy or first months of motherhood.

Start building your kit with a couple of easy-to-find spa basics: a plush white towel and a pair of waffle knit gift basket

 A bar of gently exfoliating soap paired with a soft-bristled shower brush are great for giving a super clean feeling in the bath or shower.
 Body butters feel great and can also be used to prevent and treat stretch marks, so a mango body butter will make a perfect addition if you’re creating a baby shower gift kit. Natural sponges are a great choice since this is something mom can enjoy alone or (eventually) together with baby!
A sore muscle soak purchased from a local organic spa is sure to provide a heavenly escape for any tired new mom or mom-to-be. This item might be substituted with bubble bath or any sort of soothing bath additive.
Tucking all the products in over the towel, your spa basket should really start to come together. Finally, use a simple shipping tag and luxe colored ribbon to finish off the kit.

Jamaica Gift Basket Delivery

Jamaica gift basket

Jamaica Gift Basket Delivery

A gift basket business allows creative individuals an opportunity to flex the creative side of their brain while juggling the typical tasks associated with running any business, including marketing and sales. Developing and marketing gift baskets that fulfill everyday needs while addressing special niche opportunities can help fuel the growth of your gift basket business.  gift basket jamaica

Gourmet Delights

Consider creating gift baskets related to local and regional foods, restaurants and gourmet foods. Local and regional favorites work well for general gifts. Advertise gift baskets featuring local and regional favorites with local visitor centers and tourist attractions. Gourmet foods, including cheese, crackers and sausage, provide a good option for employee and client gifts. Include various cracker, spread and cheese options for customizable gift baskets. Baskets filled with desserts, such as cookies and brownies, provide customers with a sweet gift choice. Create a gift basket based around a picnic. Use a picnic basket containing a blanket, wine, wine glasses and a wide selection of fruits and cheeses for a romantic gift choice.

Corporate Takeover

Marketing gift baskets to local businesses and regional employers opens up a host of options for sales and gift basket development. Consider packaging gift baskets that include merchandise with company logos, brands and products. This works well for general client gifts and giveaways. Gift baskets focused on thanking an employee for a job well done, recognizing years of service or congratulating an employee on retirement can help corporations reward their employees and provide you with additional sales. Fill baskets with service award items, including plaques, motivational items and crystal awards. Add snacks such as chocolate, nuts and fruit for filler. Other corporate ideas include baskets featuring a theme, such as a day at the beach, a golf course or an area attraction. Include gift certificates for attractions and use complementary items to complete the basket. This can include sunglasses, sunscreen, disposable camera and sport items such as a Frisbee or golf tees.

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For Wide Appeal

Common reasons for the purchase of gift baskets include holidays, birthdays and other celebrations. Holiday gift baskets should celebrate the season. For instance, Valentine’s Day gift baskets can feature a stuffed bear, champagne and chocolates. Keep all age groups and demographics in mind when creating a basket. Baskets featuring a sports theme make appropriate gifts for a variety of occasions. Include tickets to a local event for added customization. Assemble baskets that let the recipient become the chef. Cake and cookie mixes, dessert decorations, marinades and rubs can be placed in a gift basket to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Market gift baskets with wide appeal to a larger audience, perhaps online or with a retail store front.